GNOMIX, an Australian molecular genetics laboratory, is leading the way in democratizing clinical genomics using the DNBSEQ™ platform. Since 2020, GNOMIX has been offering customized genetic testing to provide critically needed services not provided by the larger laboratories that dominate the Australian genomics landscape. Their mission is to provide accessible and tailored services to a wider customer base, accommodating specific sequencing needs and budgets.

Accredited by NATA, GNOMIX’s Adelaide laboratory houses the DNBSEQ-G50 Genetic Sequencer and the MGISP-100 Automated Sample Preparation System. This setup enables the support of numerous innovative projects, from clinical trials to generating research data for high-impact publications.

The DNBSEQ-G50 is a compact and flexible sequencer offering speed and affordability. It supports various research needs with options for different Flow Cell sizes and read lengths.

Despite the challenges during the pandemic, GNOMIX has grown its client base and made significant progress in the national sequencing arena. They plan to acquire larger platforms to further expand their capabilities. Empowered by MGI’s DNBSEQ™, GNOMIX provides a suite of genetic sequencers suitable for different sequencing applications.

Dr. Grist believes that the industry should move away from large facilities and embrace democratized genomics services. Australia's reputation as a global hub for biomedical innovation aligns with GNOMIX's commitment to advancing precision health. However, limited access to resources and capabilities hinders many innovative biomedical research organizations and biotech companies.
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