The South Australian Genomics Centre (SAGC) located in Adelaide's prestigious SAHMRI institute, is a nationally accredited genomics facility that provides a wide range of advanced genomics services to researchers across Australia. Utilizing the DNBSEQ-T7, based on MGI's proprietary DNBSEQTM technology, SAGC offers ultra-high throughput, high-quality sequencing data at a fraction of the cost and with a quick turnaround time. With its versatility and ability to support a wide range of applications, SAGC’s T7 sequencer is set to revolutionize genomics research in Australia, particularly in population-wide studies and emerging technologies like Spatial Transcriptomics.

The integration of DNBSEQ-T7 into SAGC’s existing laboratory operations is powered by ZTRON Lite, a GDPR-compliant data appliance that provides high-performance computing, streamlines laboratory operations, supports data governance and secure data storage.

The collaboration between MGI and SAGC aims to empower Australian researchers and drive the development of genomics research in Australia and beyond.
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