What if the era of precision medicine for cancer could arrive faster?
Seoul, South Korea 23 August 2023
The field of precision medicine is rapidly advancing, with high-throughput sequencing technology playing a crucial role in personalized diagnosis and treatment. Recently, MGI has partnered with NGeneBio, a leading molecular diagnostics company in South Korea, to jointly drive innovative developments in precision medicine for cancer.

The demand for personalized diagnosis and treatment in cancer is growing, requiring more powerful sequencing technology and precise analytical tools. NGeneBio has expertise in precision diagnostics, but its products need broader commercial applications and market promotion. MGI possesses a leading sequencing platform but seeks to integrate its technology with NGeneBio's to provide more accurate diagnostic and treatment solutions.

NGeneBio's precise cancer diagnostic technology will be integrated with MGIs' DNBSEQ-G99 sequencing platform. This collaboration will expedite the development of gene testing and related products and services, offering healthcare professionals more reliable tools for precise diagnosis and personalized treatment. NGeneBio's series of cancer detection products will be more widely applied globally, accelerating the commercialization of its products.

The memorandum of understanding between MGI and NGeneBio marks a strategic collaboration in the field of precision medicine.

By integrating their technologies and knowledge, they will jointly propel the development of precision medicine for cancer, providing patients with more accurate diagnosis and treatment options."

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